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Dear Customers

Please note that WE ARE HERE FOR YOU and want you to be HAPPY and leave us with a big smile. Our priority is to introduce private sailing charter idea to everyone as SAILING is one of the most pleasant activities in Miami – not only due to semitropical climate and spectacular views on Miami Skyline and surroundings, but foremost amazing waters and sailing conditions of Biscayne Bay – world known among sailors and boaters. It is a splendid idea for any “special occasion” or  “no occasion at all” – just relaxing.

Our prices have been already reduced in order to make SAILING more affordable to more people than before. We maintain the boat and keep her clean and well equipped so people who do not own a boat (as - in reality - it is more economical to charter it) - can feel like “owners” and enjoy sailing for a fraction of the prize.

Our Charter Policy is not intended to be harmful to anybody neither to you nor to us as a company and crew. Any previous owner of a boat is aware of costs related to MAINTAINING the boat of 40 foot &up, associated REPAIRS and CONSTANT MAINTENANCE (as things break on any boat and they are VERY expensive), DOCKAGE (Miami dockage fees are min $20-40 per foot/per month), INSURANCE, CREW salaries and EXPENSES related to running the business. 

We are a couple who devoted ourselves to Miami Sailing to make SAILING ADVENTURE and PRIVATE DINNER CRUISES available to people like you anytime of the week. This is our livelihood. We are not retired couple who can subsidize business with additional income from pension.

Our priority is to offer you an ULTIMATE service and best time in Miami. 

- - Capt Miguel and Agata

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OUR CHARTER POLICY for LANCER Como Tu and Beneteau Wind Runner


Please call us or e-mail before making the reservation in order to check our availability.  We require min. HALF DEPOSIT to reserve the boat for a day charter as no other reservation would be taken for this time. Once you have been scheduled for the cruise, we no longer take reservations for this date&time therefore last minute cancellation or “no show ups” or shortening the trip and requesting the refund are not acceptable.  

The half deposit (reservation deposit) is non refundable. A non-refundable deposit is because that date/time is blocked out for you and no other reservation for the boat is taken.

In case of any last minute cancellations (within 48 hrs of scheduled charter) and “no show up” the full amount will be charged – because the boat has been reserved for you and other reservation/s had been rejected. The crew that relies on this income reserved that day for you.

WEATHER: Isolated or scattered showers or storms are normal in Miami during summer months (May-Sept) and do not count to canceling the charter – as they last usually no more than 15 min and occur in an isolated spot (mostly inland) – not necessary in our sailing route – and even if we catch a temporary rainfall – the boat has a salon where you can comfortable wait until it passes. 

If it showers at embarkation time - we postpone until it passes. We do not accept cancelations based on forecasted weather. The charter is rescheduled based on marine weather forecast no earlier than 1 h before scheduled departure (WHY? - as weather in Miami changes constantly, and although rain fall was predicted in the morning forecast, in most of the cases - the weather turns out to be just beautiful in the afternoon despite terrible morning predictions).

If heavy rain all over MIami occurs – of course – we reschedule the charter at both parties convenience.

Reservations for Charters with CATERING require additionally FULL AMOUNT for FOOD and if charter is cancelled and the requested provisions had been already purchased (usually within 24 hrs), the cost of food is non refundable. 

Also requests for a pick up in different locations that require additional landing fee - full amount for a landing fee is required no later than 1 day before the charter or upon reservation. 

The remaining balance is due at boarding.


Payment in Advance: A deposit of min. 50% of the Charter is required for this reservation at the time of booking; the remaining balance is due on the day of the charter (by boarding). Deposits of cancelled charters by written notice 7 (seven) days prior to embarkation can be applied to future charter, after discounting the expenses incurred, if any.

No show ups will be charged the full amount of charter plus Florida tax.

Cancellation within 48 hrs are not acceptable (full amount fortified) unless we are able to rebook the date for the same charter duration.

No credits or refunds will be issued unless we are able to book another charter for the same time & duration. Only then the refund would be issued minus processing fees ($75). If we are unable to book the day due to your cancellation and you do not want/cannot reschedule – the cancellation fee of $250 (crew fees /boat)  would apply to refunded amount.

Bad weather. We can accept cancellations showing up at the embarkation time due to heavy rain, lack of visibility or winds in excess of 25 knots - no earlier than 1 hour before embarkation time. (WHY? - as weather in Miami changes constantly, and although rain fall was predicted in the morning forecast, in most of the cases - the weather turns out to be just beautiful in the afternoon despite terrible morning predictions. The weather forecast on internet usually is more scary than it turns out to be.).

No deposits will be refunded. In this case Charter will be rescheduled at both parties convenience.

Afternoon scattered / isolated showers are normal in Miami and occur mostly during summer months (May-Sept) in mid afternoon - they are easily avoidable while sailing in the bay. Scattered / isolated showers do not count to cancelling the charter; if it occurs at embarkation time - the charter would be postponed later in the day (it usually ends within 15 mins).

Even after full payment has been received, MIAMISAILING.NET reserve the right to cancel a reservation just by e-mail or phone notification. Just in this case your deposit will be refunded. We will not accept any claims or losses, damages, expenses or liabilities for cancellations. We reserve the right to cancel a reservation without notice if we become aware of or are notified of any fraud or illegal activity associated with the payment for this reservation.

The act of booking any of our boats means the customer accepts this Cancellation Policy and agrees to pay the amounts agreed.

Miami Sailing will not offer refunds for charters cancelled or no-shows or shortened due to adverse weather, acts of God, or events not within the reasonable control of  Due to adverse weather (general rain only - not scattered/isolated showers) – we can suggest the charter being rescheduled/postponed upon availability. If you do not want to reschedule the charter and want your money back - half deposit is non refundable but acts as credit for your future booking. If you paid full amount - the balance can be refunded minus processing fees of min. 5% of the refund, the other half acts as a credit for your future booking on COMO TU.

If you took advantage of our special offer ( shorter charter or reduced rate) - these charters can be scheduled upon availability (certain restrictions may apply) at last minute basis (no earlier than 1 day before the charter date. Charters of half day and longer (regular price) can be rescheduled for any day you wish (excluding major holidays and special weekends where different rates apply).

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Half amount is required upon booking and the whole amount no later than 30 days before the charter. We recommend making the reservation in advance (min. 1 month ahead) to reserve the best dates. However, do not hesitate to call us if you decide on "last minute" vacations (no later than 1 week before). 

For multi day charters pls e-mail us requesting Charter Request Form and Charter Agreement.

CANCELLATION POLICY (OVN): Miami Sailing will not offer refunds for overnight charters cancelled or shortened due to adverse weather, acts of God, or events not within the reasonable control of Miami Sailing. Cancellations received less than 90 days prior to your charter date are subject to forfeiture of all paid fees, except for extremely inclimate weather or for some reason the yacht cannot do the charter. We strongly suggest that you obtain travel insurance for your vacation, especially during hurricane season. More in Charter Agreement (accepted upon booking of any overnight charter) 


 Thank you for visiting!   We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. 
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