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Miami Sightseeing Private Boat Tours


 *(there are no posted rates on line as each vessel and charter is priced differently)

>> PRIVATE CHARTERS ONLY / no group nor shared tours  nor public tours <<

>>>  with prior reservation only <<<

>>>> We know that it may seem to be inconvenient for you to contact us each time by e-mail - however due to the fact ( see below) most clear offer can be in writing  

  • our charters are not standardized - but are fully customized 
  • we don’t have therefore standard flat rates for all boats
  • we have 2 boats in permanent fleet and rest of the fleet is upon availability  - each vessel due to different size / location and many other factors have different rate 
  • boat availability depends mostly on captains availability - therefore book early
  • we may offer discounted rates to smaller groups - when we can ( non catered options only)
  • or last minute specials 24 - 48 hrs for smaller groups
boat tours Miami

——> THEREFORE - pls contact us preferably by e-mail   

or call - (786) 423 3131 - mobile

< if you don’t hear from us by e-mail within 3 hrs - pls text - as email may got to SPAM> 

if we are with guests or vacations -  we don’t answer calls - but we check e-mails constantly


Watch out for numerous internet cheap spam offers as you may be surprised by their reliability and quality 

Entrust a company whose reputation has been proven since 2000

Your choice supports a local business and captains whole sailing is their livelihood




  • preferred day (DATE) and TIME of the charter 
  • duration of charter : half day / full day / multi-day
  • number of participants in your group, 
  • specify ages of all kids under 12yo
  • specify groups 21-25 years old
  • any kind of impairments 
  • Private party or a corporate event (MUST SPECIFY)- pls specify if you are inquiring on behalf of yourself or another party (please specify you are a travel agent / broker / concierge or any other mid party)
  • Please specify what kind of services you are interested : basic as sailboat rides, premium quality charters  / or high - end services on premium yachts 
  • sail only or dining
  • dining sail is most luxury option and NOT the cheapest option - as it requires thorough preparations and full day work for the crew
best sailing yacht in Miami

  • preferred total budget: < $800 (exact $$$) , $1000-1500, $1500-2000, $2500-3500 or more
  • NOTE:
  • we receive many calls with irrelevant price expecations —> pls take in considerations that yachts cost 100K-200K-500K and more + yearly maintenance from $60,000-120,000/year + marina fees ($15,000-25,000 annually) + crew cost 
  • if you rent a kayak - current rate in Miami  is $25 per hour —> actual cost of kayak $350-600 / maintenance $0 - can you compare it with a yacht and captain? - NO ( but if you have a group go 6 ppl - your price for yacht 4 hrs and kayaks for 6 ppl - will be very close ….
  • if you hire a jetsky  - current rate in Miami is around $100 per hour —> actual cost of jetsky 6,000-18,000 / maintenance minimal - can you compare it with a yacht and captain? - NO

  • PHOTO SHOOTS and FILMING (different rates apply for professional corporate sessions - agreed in rental contract)
  • which boat ? - each boat is under separate agreement and different offer 
  • Lancer Yacht more standardized private tour from Coconut Grove
  • more luxury Wind Runner (Beneteau 461) from Miami Beach  
  • groups of 7-12 pax vessels are based on bareboat rental agreement + hired crew - Beneteau 461  - Beneteau 45  or Leopard 4600
  • Due to quality of services and individual approach - we do not participate in any voucher deals. Our charters are quality charters and are fully customized - these are not typical standardized boat tours offered as public tours. 
  • Our most economical option is "Como Tu” therefore more standardized tour is offered
Miami Beach Sailing

  • PLEASE reserve your charter early - it is extremely difficult for us to provide our quality service if we are unable to plan nor have enough time to prepare. Yachts are not cars - any responsible owner will check the yacht thoroughly before taking it out and clean properly before each charter (in and out)
  • If you are looking for best rates - call us one day before / 24 hrs before - and special rates might be  offered upon availability / based on schedule / demand / available crew.  Totally last minute calls - same day are excluded from special rates - this is most stressful for us when we have very little time to prepare. Crew might also be unavailable due to too short notice inquiry 
  • Weekends book early - so counting on Saturday night calling us on Friday - low chances - but you can always try … we normally book weekend sails at least with X weeklong notice 
  • We always recommend weekday sails for most relaxing atmosphere - and also often offer special discounts for Mon- Thu sails and morning sails (10-2) to small private groups
  • ANY CATERED and especially DINNER sail requires minimum 24 h notice / we may not be able to offer you last minute availabity as mate / cheff may not be available - pls BOOK EARLY - so we can plan our availability and have enough time to purchase quality provisions
  • Each request is handled individually. 
  • Kind of services you are interested : basic as sailboat rides, premium quality charters  / or high - end services 
  • Sail only or private dinner

  • We truly appreciate advanced reservations so crew can plan accordingly, get to yacht on time and thoroughly prepare it for your sail
  • Captains are professionals - are kindly requesting prior assignments - so they can plan their personal <family> time and professional assignment schedule to make a living..
  • Our operation is dedicated to providing you with an ultimate service and quality professional crew - however both are difficult to arrange at a too last minute notice - so PLEASE book EARLY

Beneteau sailing Miami

OUR CHARTERS ARE EXCLUSIVELY PRIVATE  =  private means you charter the whole vessel + crew - this is not a public tour

  • we do not offer group nor public tours on our yachts where the total number of sold tickets makes the final price of the whole trip. Our trips are NOT per ticket from $50-100 per person where  you share the trip with 80-100 or more  people = boat makes then 3000-5000 per trip but you paid % and felt like a sardine - as the saying says you get what you paid for)
  • therefore our rates are NOT per person 
  • All our charters are PRIVATE and fully customized to your preferences - therefore rates are not flat (same as no hotel, not even a cruise line post flat rates on line either) as they depend on many factors
  • Our vessels are yacht type sailboats (over 40 ft) and well taken care off - they are exclusively rented to private groups only (USA Coast Guard requirement no more than 12  on pleasure vessels)
  • Definition of a Yacht - A yacht is a recreational boat or a ship ( both sailing and power type) usually over 39 ft (12m) up to mega yachts over 164 f (50 m) of a luxury look. The larger the vessel - the more expensive it is - in order to see the real perspective of the yacht size - please compare a person to boat size + angle and distance the picture was taken

Example price structure for half day ( up to 4 hrs ):

  • Yacht rental - rate depends on yacht/boat - the larger the vessel the more expensive it is - $500 - 1000 - 2000 - 2500
  • Captain fee  (standard in industry for professional captains $350 half day / $500 full day) - $ depending on yacht - $150-350 plus gratuity ( min 15% from charter net rate) - pls note that a 4 h sail means for the crew at least 3 h extra work beside charter time - min 1.5 h boat preparation and 1 h boat clean up after charter - private dinner sail always exceeds 8 h work for the crew
  • Mate / Help   (value $150-200) 
  • Mate/Cheff  ( standard min $250-350 plus tip) 
  • Standard rates will apply to any corporate events ( on invoice )  due to thorough administrative part 
  • last minute rates are offered at our description only upon crew availability as shorter sails

QUOTE of the day

Support small local businesses with your wise choice

Sunset sails Miami BEach Florida

Dear Customer

Charters are services and as any service - its quality depends on  human factor. 

Make sure you know what you are getting before reserving (and remember the saying “you pay cheep - you get cheap), ask 

  • size / design of the boat (not just LOA but the hull size - this means how much deck area you can truly use).   Size and layout / design of the boat makes a big difference. a 40 footer in not equal to another 40 footer ——> our boats are from 40ft + - SEE OUR YACHTS
  • ask for current and real pictures (not from shiny boat catalogue, or 10 yrs ago) both of the crew and actual boat that you will be sailing on . Simple mobile pictures can show you how the boat really looks like - professional photo edited in photoshop make the boat look totally different - and definitely larger.  —> OUR PICTURES link
  • who is the captain or crew ? professional or retired couple? very old captain? seasonal cruiser? homeless cruises? owner? hired captain? licensed?  - call to check how comfortable you feel with them - OUR CREW
  • how long are they in business ? or do they just do charters as pastime activity for their retirement? How dedicated are they?
  • where is the departure port ?  marina - or boat is anchored out ….
  • how far from your hotel?    free parking?
  • and many more - your choice should not be based on price only - if you expect quality …   Why Setai or The Ritz Carlton have the rankings and rates …  because of  QUALITY and provided SERVICE
  • If you intend to sail with us - please do not buy any vouchers on line as our sails are sold exclusively directly by us 


picnic birthday party on a sailboat miami florida xs romantic sunset charter miami xs Best sunset dinner cruise in Miami Florida xs 

LAST MINUTE SPECIALS - Call us 24 hrs before for LAST MINUTE RATES (if your schedule is flexible) ----> Shorter (=cheaper) day charters may be available only with last minute reservation -  call us 24 hrs before the day you want to go sailing - and we can offer you a min 2.5 hrs private charter - no early reservations available - only upon availability - we recommend for best experience min 4 h sails

Read Charter ITINERARY

- each boat has separate offer - so some items are excluded 

L - Lancer "Como Tu” - 6 pack charter vessel

B - Beneteau "Wind Runner” - bareboat charter agreement with hired skipper

Other Boats - upon documentation - up to 6 or up to 12 —> charter agreement with hired skipper

Our rates include

- Fully insured sailboat (departure from slip in a marina, we are not anchored out)

- Fuel

- US Coast Guard licensed Captain 

- profesional crew

- cooler with bottled waters and ice 

-  BYOB - feel free to bring aboard small cooler with adult beverages (we will have glasses)

- we often have complementary mini welcome snack aboard - however catering is charged additionally upon food choices - L +B

- deck reclining marine chairs L+B

- snorkel gear,  L+B

- life jackets, 

- swim noodles, 

- 2x floating chairs L+B

- tandem kayak (available for charters 6 hr & longer) - pls specify before (upon availability) - with advanced reservation only - as we keep boat deck clear ( for speed and guest comfort

(the more staff the boat carries - the less space for guests and slower speed

- bring your camera and we will take pictures of you (we can use our camera too)

Things Recommendedto BRING on a charter:

-  ready-to-eat provisions if food is not included in the price

-  your adult beverages (we provide bottled water)

-  sunscreen and hat

-  towels

-  we require no outside shoes aboard please (bring socks in the winter time)

-  sweater (fall-spring) or windproof jacket

-  good humor

-  Crew Gratuity for exceptional service, customary in USA services  (15-20%)

Please read our Cancellation Policy before booking a charter.

GIFT CERTIFICATES available. A private sailing charter with a romantic dinner aboard makes a unique and long remembered birthday, wedding or anniversary gift. Can you think of any better way to impress your girl friend with a unique date idea, surprise your beloved one with a romantic engagement under sail, or show your out-of-town family and friends best views of Miami from water

Sail Boat for Charter in Miami s

How to understand weather in Miami  - - zip 33233


The Weather Channel - 

Chance of Precip / Rain 

The 'Chance of Precip' describes the likelihood of precipitation (maybe not even measurable) in your forecast area. The chance is based upon a series of 100 instances of identical weather conditions.

For example, a 40% Chance of Precip means that precipitation occurred 40 out of 100 days with the same type of conditions expected in your area.

This means is very likely it won't rain at all even on a 60 to 80% chance .... and if it rains - mostly isolated on mainland

Summer months in South FLorida are well known for refreshing afternoon showers. During the summer we need clouds and isloated showers in order to sail as they create wind.

private cruise miami m   sunset_in_the_florida_keys__textmedium                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Full Cancellation Policy link

Thank you for visiting!   We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. 
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