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Miami Sailing offers catering aboard that would make your sailing charter even more memorable. You can enjoy half day sunset cruise with gourmet European style dinner – fish, steak or pasta dish prepared by Captain's wife with NYC fine service experience and taught Italian cuisine by the very best. In regards to Lunch or Appetizer option – we recommend European style CHEESE PLATTER with crackers and fruit or traditional Italian PASTA dishes or high quality sandwiches purchased in a local Fresh Market store.

We are quality conscious about the food we serve aboard and the dishes are  carefully selected and customized to our guests' tastes . The ingredients are of highest quality purchased in Coconut Grove Fresh Market, organic and fresh. We make every effort to guarantee you not only an enjoyable sailing trip, but also an intimate culinary experience without crowds, waiting, or high prices.

Book us for your SPECIAL OCCASIONS: birthday, anniversary, romantic date with a private dinner,  Bachelor & Bachelorette sail cruise, engagement on a sailboat, unique wedding cruise, Holiday charter for whole family, Christmas Eve dinner cruise, Christmas Day sailing, celebrate New Year's Eve in Miami with best views of the City and Fireworks, 4th of July celebration in Miami, and more ... GIFT CERTIFICATES available.

Here are some examples of our private sailing charters in Miami with meals included - view PICTURES here from our private dinner cruises - we always welcome your suggestions :

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> Romantic Sunset Charter with APPETIZER or DINNER (min. 4 hrs) for two (we can cater for up to six guests ).

For birthday charters we can also provide B-day cakes and special desserts - let us know.

Unfortunately, our insurance policy does not allow us to purchase alcoholic beverages for you - so please BYOB - bottle of wine or champagne is fine

Choice of Appetizers or Light Meal - $ 50 ($30 as first course together with dinner):

- Cheese Platter with crackers and fruit -  variety of cheeses: Brie, Chèvre, Blue Cheese, and hard cheeses with seasonal fruit (strawberries or grapes) and crackers - custom prepared - or you can order catering already prepared by The Fresh Market:

Fresh Market Cheese Tray,   Fresh Market Fruit & Vegetable Tray,    Sandwich & Wrap Tray

- Seafood or Fish CEVICHE appetizer - uniquely Peruvian delicious citrus-marinated seafood  - our favorite - ordered in the restaurant 

- Pasta dishes - Agata's speciality

Pasta Rigatone (or your choice of pasta) with sauteed spinach and mushrooms

Pasta Rigatone (or your choice of pasta) with sauteed spinach and Italian sausage - sounds so simple but truly EXCELLENT ...

Pasta Carbonara in traditional Italian style (no cream) or American Italian (with heavy cream)

Pasta Three Cheese Ravioli with creamy mushroom sauce

Pasta with Pesto sauce


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DINNER ON A SAILBOAT (min. 4 hr charter, 6 hr recommended )  - dinner cooked and served aboard - charter price plus food (depending on menu $50-100) BYOB Let us know what you would like to eat or here are our dinner suggestions.

- Steak (Filet Mignon, Skirt, Sirloin, Ribeye, Strip, Flank ) - recommended in mushroom or BBQ sauce

- Fish (your choice of local or imported premium* fish): Tilapia, Grouper*, Mahi-Mahi*, Wild Snapper*, Salmon*, Tuna*, Chilean Sea Bass*, or let us know any fish you like ... we purchase fresh fish in famous Casablanca Fish Market - seasoned in olive oil or a sauce (dill, cream, smoked salmon, mushroom, etc) - Agata's speciality

- Fish or Seafood Ceviche Dinner - served with rice, sweet potato and giant Peruvian corn - DELICIOUS

- Chicken Breast or Chicken Thighs any style (Milanese, Parmasan, or roll-up - Sicily, a la Venecia, Cordon Bleu etc)

-  Homemade Meatballs / Burgers / Meatloaf (turkey, veal, beef)

- Veal Scallopini

- Pork Chop

- Sausage side (Italian, Chicken, Tailgate, Brutwurst)

- We can also serve burgers and hot-dogs :-) if this is what you like - Agata's burgers are delicious and hot dogs made with Italian sausage or Brutwurst

Dinner course accompanied by two sides. Please choose same side veggies for both of you (one each)

1. rice / garlic roasted or mashed potatoes / pasta

2. sauteed fresh spinach, broccoli, broccoli rabe, zucchini/squash leczo, eggplant, asparagus, portabella mushrooms, mixed vegetables, sweet potato, corn,  etc

- Premium Pasta Dishes - Agata's speciality: 

1. Rigatone in creamy SMOKED SALMON sauce and piece of SALMON - MMMM .... $100 for two

2. Pasta (your choice) with home made MEATBALLS (Polish secret recipe) and tomato sauce OR homemade BOLOGNESE sauce $75 for two

$50 option for two:

 Pasta Rigatone (or your choice of pasta) with sauteed spinach and mushrooms

Pasta Rigatone (or your choice of pasta) with sauteed spinach and Italian sausage - sounds so simple but truly EXCELLENT ...

Pasta Carbonara in traditional Italian style (no cream) or American Italian (with heavy cream)

Pasta Three Cheese Ravioli with creamy mushroom sauce

Pasta with Pesto sauce


you are welcome to bring your own food 


you can order already made fresh wraps and sandwiches from THE FRESH MARKET party platters & trays - cheese tray, sandwich & wrap tray, vegetable & fruit tray - lunch option, corporate charter - 25% service charge of store receipt


we can start or finish charter in one of Miami water front restaurants, e.g.:  Casablanca Seafood Restaurant ,  Bayside/Bayfront restaurants

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Our Dinner Charter ITINERARY

Dinner in No Name Harbor of Cape Florida - 6 hr sunset charter - departing from Downtown Miami by 3 PM , we sail towards Biscayne Bay with amazing views of the city, Key Biscayne, Vizcaya Palace and Coconut Grove. We can stop for a quick swim by famous sand bar by Nixon's house and have a close look at the the Millionerres Row. We continue sailing Biscayne Bay to Cape Florida (Bill Baggs State Park) for the most amazing sunset view. The dinner would be prepared freshly aboard while you take a romantic stroll in the park and served aboard upon sunset in No Name Harbor. After sunset we sail back to Downtown Miami with one of the most amazing skyline. 

- 4 hr version may include swim stop by Key Biscayne sandbar and dinner served under sail or secluded bay

>> SNORKEL CHARTER to  Biscayne National Park > min. 10 hr charter to private sailing charter with dinner and snacks aboard - charter with kayaks

 - Leaving Downtown Miami in the morning and heading to first keys of Biscayne N.P (3-5 hr sailing one way), anchoring by Elliott Key or Boca Chita. While our guests explore the isles on a kayak and snorkel in coral reefs, the crew prepares delicious dishes with soft drinks included (BYOB). Back in Miami after sunset.   This charter is truly recommended for people who want to know what sail cruising is about. Very relaxing sailing experience. We include kayaks  (tandem) -  Overnight options also possible - Contact us for more details              


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CORPORATE charter with light meal or catering tray: 

THE FRESH MARKET party platters & trays 

 cheese traysandwich & wrap trayvegetable & fruit tray 

Other catering options:


Option 1

-        Cheese Platter 

(brie, goat, swiss etc)  with crackers and fruit

-        House white wine (or red, or white sprarkling)

-        beer, soda and water

Option 2  (corporate charter)

-        Wraps and sandwiches  DELI SELECTION

-        Cookies / chips

-        bottle of red house wine

-        beer, soda and water



Option 1 – barbecued Skirt steak with side of vegetables: spinach, asparagus, zucchini/squash or salad  (or Fish)

Option 2 – Linguine Pasta with Spinach and Italian sausage (or mushrooms)

Option 3  - let us know what you have in mind and we make sure to do the best we can

- Bottle of red house wine or BYOB

- Beer, soda and water

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* Please let us know 2 days ahead of your Dinner / Lunch Menu Preference


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We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. 
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