Sailing to Cuba

currently may not be available due to new regulations - pls recheck

We are introducing for the first time term charters 

as a weeklong ( or longer )  sailing adventure  ( each yacht has different speed) 

to sailing enthusiasts

from Miami to  (north) Cuba - and back

( max stay in Cuba is 2 weeks as of 2017) 

We have 2 vessels available 

* minimum 2 month advanced reservations due to legal / immigration paperwork

- or do paperwork yourself 

Leopard 4600 cat - available for up to 6 ppl overnite ( in some cases 8 )

from September 2017

min 5 - 7 days ( with 3-4 days in Cuba and overnite in Key West) 

from $2000 per day ( upon group size) 

+ crew fees:  captain $350 + mate upon request or necessity 

+ all running expenses ( such as marinas, any immigration/cruising fees, fuel, water, crew provisions etc)

—>  full cheff services are available ( from $250 per day)

or self catered option ( you dine ashore and prepare meals yourself for all participants and skipper)

—> in Cuba - you will have 3-4 days to explore island on land ( staying on boat in Varadero Marina) 

Monohull - 40 ft sailboat Caliber - weeklong

for a couple ( 1 cabin)

or 3-4 ppl ( casual setting - extra settees in salon) 

from $1000- 1250 per day

+ captain fee $350

+ all running expenses ( such as marinas, any immigration/cruising fees, fuel, water, crew provisions etc)

—> this option is only with self catering/ and upon availability dining ashore ( you also feed the skipper)

Due to long ocean crossing - this charter is only offered to those who can handle ocean crossings, no children under 12

kids over 12 - only experienced with ocean sailing 

- otherwise pls book a cruise on a small cruise ship - e.g. FATHOM boat - current rates average $2500-5000 and up / per person + taxes , gratuities etc 


Miami - Florida Keys ( duration in FL Keys depends on you - 170 mile / usually takes 2 days with limited stops) - overnite in Key West - make take up to 24 h crossing - 3-4 days in Cuba - and back to Miami via Key Largo

—> you are reserving yacht for desired  duration - and no other reservation will be accepted 2 days prior and after each overnite sail + no day sails

therefore all reservations are final (with the exception for named tropical storm - charter will be rescheduled or cancelled minus administrative work)

—> there may be a chance that due to weather conditions ocean crossing won’t be doable and itinerary may be changed to Florida Keys , Key West / Dry Tortuages - depending on duration

and ( catamaran only) Bimini ( Bahamas ) Gulf Stream Crossing


specifying - number of guests 

ages of kids over 12

dates interested in

 Thank you for visiting!   We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. 
For Information and Reservations call us at 786.423.3131 or e-mail: 
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